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What Is Spinal Decompression?

Dr. Allan DellaBella Explains Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression video transcript

"Hello my name is Allan DellaBella. I am a chiropractic physician in Boca Raton, FL. Today we are here to address the question What is spinal decompression, spinal decompression is a technique in where you use a manual or mechanical technique to pull a disc back into its proper seat between the vertebra as opposed to sitting against the spinal cord or against the spinal nerve roots. This is a plastic representation of a spine & here you can see the vertebra here & here with a disc here. Now this disc has the ability to slip backwards therefore called a bulging disc where it is putting pressure on either the nerve root or on the spinal cord itself.

Over here we have a representation of a bulging disc on the computer as you can see the arrows are pointing towards the disc material that is bulging backwards. By using spinal decompression you can suck that disc material back into its proper seat between the vertebrae. Madisen if you would come over to the table. There is a technique called the cox technique that chiropractors use to pull the disc back in. In doing such the doctor places the superior hand in the vertebrae above the disc bulge. You then take the table and bend it just the right amount of distance to create suction there. By doing this we are sucking the disc material back in between the vertebrae where it belongs.

Now there are different techniques to do this. There are many machines on the market now that mimicking this. It’s my opinion that the manual technique is the better technique because the doctor’s hand is constantly on the patient’s spine. The doctor is using just the right amount of force and changing that force with each maneuver to adapt to what the body is changing and the way the musculature is changing its protection of that area. Now the machines that are on the market now work by strapping the lower portion of the patient’s body into a harness and the machine pulls it and lets it go and pulls & lets it go.

What I personally don’t like about the machinery is that it’s set on a particular force & it’s constantly as its going. There are no doctors present to feel whether the machine needs to be increased up or increased down as far as the force factor goes. So in using the manual technique the doctor can constantly change how much force is being applied. It’s called the Cox technique & it’s a very very effective technique in pulling a bulging disc back & it eliminating a lot of the pain from the herniation also. So spinal decompression is a very effective means by which we can decrease or alleviate a disc bulge or decrease the amount of pain from a herniated disc."

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