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Florida's PIP Law: How It Affects You

One of the most common types of care we provide at Shadowood Chiropractic Center is support for individuals who have been in auto accidents. You’ve been in an accident and feel okay that day. You go home and a day or two later, you are hurting. What should you do and what steps can you take to get both the medical help and financial support you need in such situations?

A first step is understanding the laws. Florida’s PIP laws are significantly less known than they should be, but they do impact you no matter what type of accident you are in – and no matter who causes the accident. Significant changes were made to Florida’s PIP laws in 2012. PIP, or personal injury protection, as it relates to victims of auto accidents provides for specific requirements. First, drivers must carry PIP coverage and it also provides steps to victims in how to obtain the care they need. Here are some of the key details of this law.

There’s a Time Limit

As a victim, you have 14 days to seek treatment following the incident. If you do not obtain care in that timeframe, you void your ability to obtain PIP coverage for the treatment you may need. This is why it is so important to seek out care right away if you’ve been hurt at all.

Coverage and Treatment Options

Another key fact is that PIP provides specific types of coverage. Most drivers must carry up to $10,000 in PIP coverage, but benefits may be reduced to $2,500. To obtain the full amount, individuals must have an “emergency medical condition.” In some situations, chiropractic care can be obtained over the $2,500 value. However, the law no longer requires insurance companies to provide victims with coverage for acupuncture treatment or massage therapy.

If you cannot receive coverage over the $2,500 threshold and still need care, you can continue to receive treatment under a Letter of Protection, which is obtained through an attorney who is filing a claim for you. You have the right to seek out legal counsel for the early termination of your PIP benefits.

The Impact on Your Premiums

It’s also important to know that there is no rule in this PIP law that requires insurance companies to reduce costs for newly reduced benefits, though carriers were encouraged to provide a 10% reduction in premiums.

Getting the Help You Need

When you come in to Shadowood Chiropractic Center in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Allan DellaBella D.C. will work with you to ensure your accident and injuries are fully understood. After an accident, always seek out the care of a medical professional for life threatening conditions. However, you should not avoid the aches and pains you now have. Those are signs of a need for additional care. Let our chiropractor help you to determine if you need additional care. Your chiropractic physician can guide you in the right direction to obtain the emergency medical condition qualification. Call our offices at 561-488-4000 to learn more about your protection under Florida’s PIP laws through chiropractic care.


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