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Sciatica Explained

Our Boca Raton Chiropractor Discusses Sciatica

Sciatica plagues countless people the world over. Many of these individuals assume that they must simply suffer with a "bad back" for life, submit to major corrective surgery on the spine, or drug themselves with a steady stream of painkillers. Here at Shadowood Chiropractic Center, however, our Boca Raton chiropractor offers another option for sciatica treatment in patients in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. Chiropractic sciatica treatment in Boca Raton can resolve many sciatica cases with no side effects, potential for addiction, or recovery downtime.

To get a clear idea of how Dr. Allan DellaBella can relieve your sciatica, you need to understand the mechanics behind the symptoms. Sciatica is a collection of symptoms caused by impairment of the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the largest major nerve in the body, and every neural signal routed to and from your leg, buttock and foot passes through it. As you might imagine, any interruption to the flow of signals in the sciatic nerve can thus cause a cascade of odd or painful symptoms meriting the attention of our Boca Raton chiropractor. Since the sciatic nerve is connected directly to the spinal cord via the lower lumbar nerve roots, these interruptions often occur at or near the nerve roots. A subluxation in this area may allow a lumbar disc to push outward, directly onto a nerve root. Our chiropractor in Boca Raton notes that this pressure can cut off or alter neural signals until some form of disc treatment in Boca Raton corrects the disc herniation or bulge.

Signs that you may need sciatica treatment in Boca Raton include sharp or "electric" pain that run down the buttock and into the leg. Foot pain, numbness, tingling, and leg weakness may also alert our chiropractor in Boca Raton to your condition. One of the earliest symptoms, however, is back pain, which many people tend to ignore until it finally drives them in agony to our chiropractor. Sciatica may seem to go away after a few weeks, but it will return unless Dr. DellaBella addresses its underlying cause.

Non-Surgical Sciatica Treatment in Boca Raton

Our chiropractor in Boca Raton can discover and treat the reason for your sciatica, relieving your symptoms as a direct and natural consequence. Our non-surgical disc treatment in Boca Raton features the Cox technique, a precise, gentle means of sciatica treatment in Boca Raton. We may also use a handheld device called an applicator. This form of disc treatment helps the discs relocate to their former position, removing the pressure on the lumbar nerve roots.

Our Boca Raton chiropractor also examines your posture, stance, spinal curvature, muscle tone, and other factors that may have made you more vulnerable to this condition in the first place. Based on this information, prescribed exercises, lifestyle changes and regular chiropractic checkups can help you keep winning the fight against sciatica for life. Rely on Shadowood Chiropractic Center for effective sciatica treatment in Boca Raton.


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