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New Auto Accident Injury PIP Laws in Florida

New Florida Laws Regarding Auto Accident Injury
What are the new PIP laws?

In 2013, the state of Florida introduced new legislation that changed the way auto insurance covers your healthcare after an auto accident injury. Whiplash and other symptoms often don't start to manifest in the new time allotted to make a claim. Dr. Allan Dellabella, our West Boca Raton chiropractor, explains how the new laws work so that you can visit your chiropractor in time and receive coverage.

New auto accident injury PIP laws video transcript

"Hello my name is Allan DellaBella. I am a Chiropractic physician in West Boca Raton, Florida and I have been asked to speak today in regards to what a patient should do when they sustain an injury in an auto accident in regards to their health and the new laws in the state of Florida.

First of all as on January 1, 2013 the governor introduced new legislation to the state in which instead of 4 years of time to be treated after an auto injury you now have to be treated within the first 2 weeks for your auto insurance to cover your healthcare. Aside from that you also need to obtain on emergency medical certificate from the physician so that your PIP Coverage encompasses the full $10,000 policy otherwise the policy only has a $2,500 limit. So make sure your physician gets an emergency medical certificate so you have the full $10,000 of your policy.

Other then that there are injuries sustained to your body that you can not feel so if you feel muscle soreness in your neck, in your mid-back, in your low-back or any where in your body seek a physician’s advice within the first 2 weeks, Because where you just feel soreness and think it going to go away and then go to your physician a month later after the soreness doesn’t go away your going to find out that unfortunately you can not use those medical benefits covered under your policy.

You may have whiplash which is a straightening of the neck curve, you may end up with a pinched nerve or you may have some other sprain/strain to your spine, please seek treatment within those first 2 weeks to allow for that. To recap again seek treatment in the 2 weeks after a car injury, make sure your physician fills out an emergency medical certificate for you and if you are unsure whether to seek treatment, go for a consultation, let yourself get examined so that a physician can determine whether or not you have been injured."

By: Allan DellaBella


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