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Disk Treatments Can Restore Your Spine to Health

Restore Spinal Health with Chiropractic Care: No Drugs or Surgery Necessary

Spinal disc pain can be incredibly debilitating and have a serious impact on your quality of life. If you have compressed or damaged discs, you may have been told that the only treatment options available to you are surgery or medication. Both of these treatment options have serious downsides. Surgery can be risky and end up causing more pain than it fixes. While prescription painkillers can numb pain, once the drugs wear off the pain will return – sometimes worse than before. Before you resign yourself to risky surgery or medication, you should know that there are effective, non-surgical drug-free treatments that can help ease your pain.

Cox Adjustment Technique Safely Relieves Back Pain

Boca Raton Back Pain Disc Treatments

Many cases of back pain can be traced back a slipped disc, bulging disc or herniated disc, known as intervertebral disk (IVD) problem. An accident injury or bad posture can cause intervertebral disk problems that place pressure on the delicate, gelatinous disks that sit between the vertebrae. When these disks are compressed, a rupture or herniation could occur. As long as this compression persists, so too will your pain. The only way for a disk to heal properly, without invasive surgery, is to restore the natural spacing between the vertebra and relieve the IVD pressure. Here at Shadowood Chiropractic, we offer the Cox Technique, a cutting-edge treatment option for restoring proper spacing and relieving chronic pain.

Our Boca Raton chiropractor Dr. Allen DellaBella practices the Cox Technique, which uses a light, targeted and direct force to deliver precise adjustments to the spine. By targeting the root cause for your pain, Dr. DellaBella is able to relieve spinal compression for long-lasting pain relief. The Cox Technique is a safer alternative to spinal decompression therapy, which can actually do more harm than good for the spine. While some Boca Raton chiropractors offer spinal decompression therapy, Dr. DellaBella has done significant research into this treatment and determined that the Cox Technique is a more effective and safer treatment option. Spinal decompression machines have a limited number of fixed, predetermined settings, which limits a chiropractor’s ability to offer custom treatment. Too much force could actually tear the disc and cause more pain. On the flip side, too little force will make no difference to a patient’s pain.

The Cox Technique is a safe, effective and sophisticated chiropractic adjustment technique for intervertebral disk treatments. Throughout the treatment session, our Boca Raton chiropractor will maintain contact with the spine making incremental adjustments. By offering customized treatment for each patient, Dr. DellaBella is able to apply just the right amount of force necessary to relieve disk compression. The result is long-lasting pain relief without the need for surgery or medication. The course of treatment typically takes les time than spinal decompression and delivers more accurate healing. Treatment is also less expensive, so patients are not faced with prohibitive costs.

To learn more about how the Cox Technique can help you, call us today at 561-488-4000.


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