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Common Sports Injuries

Although dealing with any injury or illness can be a frustrating experience, a sports-related injury can potentially prevent you from participating in an activity that you love. Many sports injuries are caused by repetitive motion, so continued use of the affected body part, without the proper healing treatment, may lead to long-term discomfort and lack of mobility. This is especially the case with shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain and neck pain.

At Shadowood Chiropractic Center, one of our specialties is providing ongoing care for athletes that focuses on not just repairing your injury but on keeping your body in top performance shape. This type of care ensures that the chance of future injury and pain is greatly minimized.

Our Goal is Sports Injury Prevention

The upper body is so heavily involved in most sports that one of the most common problems we deal with in our office stems from shoulder pain. Some of the most common types of sports-related shoulder injuries are:

  • Rotator Cuff Injury - if you are experiencing a limited range of motion, weakness, pain or stiffness in your shoulder, you may be suffering from this condition. The rotator cuff is a set of four muscles in the shoulder that are connected by a thick group of tissue fibers. These tendons can get worn down and torn through repeated overhead arm movements that use the shoulder muscle. Sports activities that put people at high risk for a rotator cuff injury include throwing a ball, swimming and swinging a tennis racket.

  • Dislocated Shoulder - this is caused by a trauma to the shoulder such as in a hard fall or being struck by a hard object.

  • AC Joint Sprain - typically happens with a fall on the shoulder when the hand is at the side of the body or with a fall onto the top of the shoulder. This kind of injury is common when playing hockey, rugby or falling forward when riding a bike and being pitched over the handlebars.

  • Labral Tear - this type of injury occurs when the cartilage around the shoulder gets torn or damaged. Although hard to diagnose, labral tears may cause a clicking sound in the shoulder and result in an athlete’s inability to throw or move his arm with his usual strength or speed.

Prevention and Maintenance

At Shadowood Chiropractic Center, we focus on body maintenance as well as pain relief, so treatment at our office may include a combination of ongoing care routines such as massage, joint manipulation, nutritional counseling and physical exercises done in the office or at home on your own.

We don’t want to temporarily mask your pain with drugs that may produce undesirable side-effects or cause other unrelated problems. We want to give you a holistic, non-medicinal choice for injury repair that will not only relieve your pain but provide you with tools to help you keep yourself strong, healthy, active and injury-free both on the playing field and off.

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