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Chiropractic Techniques

A World of Techniques from Our Boca Raton Chiropractor

Chiropractic care has undergone an amazing amount of development and enhancement since D.D. Palmer made the first such spinal adjustment back in 1895. While the old techniques remain powerfully effective, newer methods have made chiropractic care more valuable than ever for treating a wide range of conditions and clientele. Our Boca Raton chiropractor at Shadowood Chiropractic Center, Dr. Allan DellaBella, has the advanced skills and training necessary to put many of these techniques to work for you.

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Boca Raton Chiropractor Dr. Allan DellaBella

Boca Raton chiropractor Dr. Allan DellaBella has been serving the Boca Raton community since 1985, providing natural pain management for sports and auto accident injuries, whiplash and more. Professional athletes, the U.S. Olympic team and patients as far away as California have all traveled to our wellness center because of Dr. DellaBella's outstanding reputation as a chiropractor. He uses multiple techniques to help you relieve pain and improve over all wellness.

Techniques Used By Our Boca Raton Chiropractor:

  • Diversified Technique - diversified can be considered the original chiropractic care method, and it's still the most widely practiced method for its effectiveness in so many different situations. Manual application of high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust mobilizes misaligned joints, often producing the familiar "pop" of internal gases being released from the joints (cavitation).
  • Thompson Technique - The Thompson Techniques centers around the use of a special drop table that is adjustable in various ways. This table allows us to notice leg length differences and other telltale misalignment markers; it also helps us perform precise adjustments to isolated areas of the body.
  • Gonstead Technique - This detailed chiropractic technique relies on X-ray data to help our Boca Raton chiropractor identify both primary and secondary subluxations (joint misalignments). The use of tables, chair-based cervical adjustments and long-level adjustments (with the chiropractor stabilizing the body above or below the adjustment point) makes this method unique.
  • Activator Method - The Activator Method delivers targeted adjustments with a high degree of accuracy. A handheld device known as an Activator makes adjustments so quickly and easily that the muscles have to time to tighten in response, allowing for optimal results with minimal discomfort.
  • Cox Adjustment Technique - the Cox Adjustment Technique is a table-based method for relieving disc problems and vertebral compression. Application of flexion distraction to specific parts of the spine can reposition bulging or herniated discs and relieve spinal nerve impingement.
  • Motion Palpation - Feeling the spinal column for abnormalities can alert our Boca Raton chiropractor to specific alignment problems that require adjustment. Adjusting the joint while it's in motion then restores the joint's normal alignment and mobility.
  • Flexion Extension - Flexion extension can help patients suffering from spinal curvature issues in the thoracic or cervical spine. These adjustments are made as you lie on a specialized upper-body support.
  • Extremity Adjustment - Extremity adjustment involves the adjustment of joints in the arms, legs, hands, feet shoulders, elbows, hips and even the ribs. These joints can lose their alignment and/or experience chronic pain just as spinal joints can. Careful adjustment at these points can help you overcome extremity pain and improve your range of motion.

Which Techniques Will Work for You? Ask Our Chiropractor in Boca Raton

Are one of more of these techniques exactly what you need to feel and function better? find out today by calling 561-488-4000 and scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor in Boca Raton!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "There is no joint problem that Dr. Dellabella can't treat. I have been to a lot of different chiropractors and Dr. Dellabella has the best techniques of any of them."
    Andrew B.
  • "Sympathetic,caring and professional. A doctor that truly cares about the outcome of patient conditions."
    Mike S.