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What is a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation?

Our Boca Raton Doctor Explains Chiropractic Adjustment and Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation video transcript

"Hello my name is Allan DellaBella a chiropractic physician in Boca Raton, FL. Today we are here to answer the question. What is a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation. I am going to use this time to demonstrate a few of the more popular techniques in chiropractic. Now we are going to use Madisen who is my chiropractic assistant and also a patient in the office. Madisen if you would lay face up on the table. There are firmer techniques and lighter techniques to use depending on the patient and depending on what’s wrong with the patient if the patient prefers a light technique we can stay with a light technique. A slightly firmer technique sometimes get the patient better a little quicker but the lighter technique’s also do just fine, it just may take a little while longer.

Now the first technique I’m going to demonstrate to you is the Diversified technique a patient lays like such, I come in find the vertebrae that is out of place and just push the bone back into place like such. Now that’s more of a firmer technique.

Now another technique we use is the Thomson technique, face down please Madisen. The Thomson technique is more of a more mild technique it works as the table absorbs the brunt of the force. We contact the vertebrae using the table like such and then the doctor just puts the force of the direction into the patient like such where the table absorbs the impact and the bone goes into the proper place.

While Madisen is in this position I am going to demonstrate the Cox technique. The Cox technique is where a disc is either bulging outputting pressure on the nerve root, if this finger is the disc and these are the vertebrae the Cox technique will help bring the disc back into its proper place. This is also a fairly lighter technique, the chiropractor establishes the bone in question or the disc level and by flexing the lower portion of the spine and holding the level stable and also flexing the body just the right amount we can actually create a vacuum that sucks the disc back into its proper place away from the nerve root and away from the spine.

Another technique to use which is more of a moderate technique is the Gonsted technique if you will lie on your side facing towards me. The patient lays on their side and the doctor take the patient like this, just like that we put the pelvis back into place.

If you will lay face down one more time, an example of the Activator technique which is one of the more lighter technique we establish the firmness of the adjustment by setting the activator to the right amount of force then we find the vertebrae that needs to be corrected. This acts almost like a small drill by contacting the right point in the vertebrae you use as a fulcrum to push it this way or bring it this way and slowly but shortly you push the vertebrae back into its proper place.

Now these are just a few of the more popular techniques we use as chiropractors. There are also other techniques but as your chiropractic physician we will find a technique that is right for your particular case not only the way your vertebrae or your spine maybe out of place but also based on your personality in which you might like a firmer or lighter technique we will marry the right technique for your situation."

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