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Going Camping? Protect Your Back

Going camping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be hard on your back. [...]

Ergonomics of Gardening: How You Can Protect Your Lower Back

Gardening season is here! Are you ready to plant some flowers or vegetables? Many gardeners get injured at this time of year, often because they pull their muscles or twist their back. [...]
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Can Chiropractic Care Ease Arthritis Pain?

Although there are numerous arthritis treatments available, the effectiveness of these treatments varies. Understandably, individuals living with arthritis may feel a sense of frustration as they search for an effective pain reliever. [...]

5 Tips For Avoiding Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people all over the world. Some people even believe that back pain is just a part of life. However, you don’t need to suffer with back pain. [...]

3 Signs of a Compressed Disc

Typically, a compressed disc will cause pain numbness and even weakness in the back. You may have sporadic or periodic pain that is hard for your regular physician to diagnose. [...]

Back Pain in Children and Teenagers

Back Pain Treatment for Children and Teenagers with our Boca Raton Chiropractor While back pain is more commonly associated with adults than children or teenagers, it does occur even in the younger community. [...]
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Back Pain After An Auto Accident

Back Pain After An Auto Accident The staff at Shadowood Chiropractic Center believes that any person suffering from injuries sustained in a car accident deserves the most effective and efficient treatment possible. [...]

Learning About Lower Back Pain

Learning About Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain Boca RatonAn intricate network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, vertebrae, and other structures work together to form the lower back, the region of the back supported by the lumbar spine. [...]
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Preventing Sports Related Back Injuries

Preventing Sports Related Back Injuries Back related sports injuries are very common. They can occur due to lifting wrong, falling, twisting and overuse of the back muscles. [...]