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Back Pain

Create a Dynamic Plan for Back Pain Relief With Our Caring Chiropractic Team

If back pain is keeping you from participating in the activities you love most, let Shadowood Chiropractic Center help you create a plan for back pain management and back pain treatment now. We offer state of the art chiropractic and massage techniques in Boca Raton, all in a relaxed environment.

How Chiropractic Helps You Heal From Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments to plague Americans today

Contrary to popular belief, rest is usually the enemy where back pain relief is concerned. Back pain management is all about discovering the source of your pain to create a chiropractic plan that offers back pain treatment and healing. Our caring chiropractor treats all types of back pain in Boca Raton including neck related pain, auto-accident injuries, sciatica, sports injuries, back pain from falls, and back pain that may set in due to other health concerns such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

We regularly receive referrals from health care providers of all types for back pain in Boca Raton.

If your back pain is related to an obstetrics and gynecological concern, neurological issues, dental problem (TMJ), or a rheumatological or podiatric concern -- we will work with your other doctors to help create an integrative approach to your back pain management.

You may be wondering how chiropractic works as back pain treatment

When the spinal column is misaligned the nervous system has difficulty communicating with the rest of the body and pain often results. Regular spinal manipulation, referred to as chiropractic adjustments, help to restore the communication necessary for your nervous system to talk to the rest of your body while reducing inflammation. As a result, soft tissues and vertebral discs align and overall pain is reduced. At your visit, Dr. Allan DellaBella will perform an examination to determine which types of chiropractic care are most ideal for your pain. Dr. DellaBella may use spinal decompression, the Cox Technique, and massage therapy to create back pain relief.

The Cox technique & back pain

If you suffer from vertebral disc issues such as a rupture or misalignment, Dr. DellaBella may use a safe and gentle technique called the Cox Technique. Unlike other treatments for disc problems that are expensive to patients and standardized, the Cox Technique uses the activator, a handheld device that delivers light, targeted force. This activator easily allows our doctor to adjust to the exact vertebral area requiring attention.

Massage Therapy for back pain

We also couple massage therapy with your chiropractic treatments. Because ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia and bones all rely on one another for spinal alignment, massage can be effective both pre and post chiropractic adjustment. Massage therapy gently helps these associated structures communicate more effectively, potentiating the long-lasting effects of your regular chiropractic adjustments.

Read more about how we can treat your back pain on our blog.

We look forward to providing back pain relief for your back pain in Boca Raton at a visit soon.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "There is no joint problem that Dr. Dellabella can't treat. I have been to a lot of different chiropractors and Dr. Dellabella has the best techniques of any of them."
    Andrew B.
  • "Sympathetic,caring and professional. A doctor that truly cares about the outcome of patient conditions."
    Mike S.